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NAAAP New York Scholarships 2023

Scholarships 2023

Coming soon! 

NAAAP NY will offer 2 scholarship/grant opportunities in 2023:

Leadership Scholarship: Targets college-bound API high school students, continuing students, and graduate students. Ideal candidates will possess a combination of leadership achievements within their community, academic achievement, and a connection to their API heritage.

Professional Grant: Ideal applicants want to pursue a project or initiative that will positively impact the API community.

Check back again soon for details on our scholarships and application process for 2023.

NAAAP NY Scholarship Sponsorships & Donations

Why Donate/Sponsor?

  • College unaffordability is a huge problem. Asian American college students have highest amount of average unmet financial need* across income levels and school types.
  • Some Asian American groups are underrepresented in higher education. Southeast Asian Americans and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders are more likely to live below the U.S. median household income and less likely to attend college.
  • College is often the first step to a financially secure future. Completion of a bachelor’s degree pays dividends over a person’s lifetime.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or donor for NAAAP NY scholarships, please click here for more info on our funding tiers, sponsorship/donation process, and sponsor/donor benefits!


Donate to our Venmo (@NAAAPNY) by clicking here or via the QR Code below.


Donate to our PayPal account at

If you are interested in receiving a donation receipt for tax purposes, please email our VP of Finance ( with the below information:

  • Your name / name of your donating organization
  • Your address
  • Screenshot of your donation 


To contact the NAAAP New York Scholarships team, reach out to