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NAAAP New York Scholarships 2023

Scholarships 2023

NAAAP NY has launched 2 scholarship/grant opportunities for 2023!

Leadership Scholarship 


Deadline: March 31, 2023 | Finalists will be notified in early April for interviews

The Future Leaders Scholarship will be awarded to an individual who exhibits outstanding leadership potential. Ideal candidates will possess a combination of leadership achievements within their community, a passion for making a difference, ability to inspire others, academic achievement, and a connection to their Asian/Pacific Islander heritage.

Project Grant


Deadline: March 31, 2023 | Finalists will be notified in early April for interviews

The project grant will be awarded to an individual who has an idea, business plan, community engagement initiative, or social justice project that benefits the Asian/Pacific Islander community. Ideal candidates will pursue a project or initiative that will positively impact the Asian/Pacific Islander community.

NAAAP NY Scholarship Sponsorships & Donations

Why Donate/Sponsor?

  • College unaffordability is a huge problem. Asian American college students have highest amount of average unmet financial need* across income levels and school types.
  • Some Asian American groups are underrepresented in higher education. Southeast Asian Americans and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders are more likely to live below the U.S. median household income and less likely to attend college.
  • College is often the first step to a financially secure future. Completion of a bachelor’s degree pays dividends over a person’s lifetime.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or donor for NAAAP NY scholarships, please click here for more info on our funding tiers, sponsorship/donation process, and sponsor/donor benefits!


Donate to our Venmo (@NAAAPNY) by clicking here or via the QR Code below.


Donate to our PayPal account at

If you are interested in receiving a donation receipt for tax purposes, please email our VP of Finance ( with the below information:

  • Your name / name of your donating organization
  • Your address
  • Screenshot of your donation 


To contact the NAAAP New York Scholarships team, reach out to